Link: It’s Okay – They Come in Peace

            I came across this post about Family Engagement this morning, written by Parent Engagement Advocate and Activist, Nancy Angevin-Sands. In the post, Nancy explores the often uncomfortable feelings between teachers and parents, and provides three thoughts on how to move beyond these to embracing family engagement. I encourage you… Continue reading Link: It’s Okay – They Come in Peace

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Author: Karen Copeland Trust. As we work our way through life, we come across multiple instances where we simply need to trust ... in processes, in people, in our kids. Parents and caregivers who have kids who require accommodations and support are tasked with trusting others on a much larger scale. Sometimes it feels like… Continue reading Trust

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Believe In

Author: Karen Copeland [with much inspiration and guidance from BC Educator, Tracy Cramer] Buy In. I can't even begin to count how many times I have heard these two words over the years -- in many different circles. It seems to be the 'go to' phrase that is used when a new (or re-designed) idea is being… Continue reading Believe In


Collaborative Practice: Passions that bind, not titles that confine

Authors: Laurie Schulz and Karen Copeland Reprint permission for this article has been granted by the British Columbia Association of Social Workers. This article was originally published in the Winter 2016 Edition of Perspectives Magazine. The notion of "not doing this work alone" is heavily encouraged within the social work field, emphasizing the importance of… Continue reading Collaborative Practice: Passions that bind, not titles that confine

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Why Should Parents Attend #EdCamp?

I wrote this post last year after attending #EdCamp35, hosted by the Langley School District. Shawn Davids graciously posted it on his blog, Leadership with Purpose (because I didn't have one then). Now that registration has opened for the 2016 #EdCamp35, I am re-posting the article here in the hopes that I can encourage more… Continue reading Why Should Parents Attend #EdCamp?