Pledge to #BeAChampion

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Sometimes we think that in order to be a champion, we have to do something big to make a difference. That we have to win a battle or make a huge impact. But I have a different story to tell you.

Deep down inside, we are ALL champions. We just might not know it yet. Being a champion doesn’t have to mean that you have to do something big. Sometimes being a champion means that you simply believe that even though you are one voice, you can still make a difference.

My passion is changing the conversation about child, youth and family mental health and wellness in our communities. Do you believe in this too? I would love for you to be a champion alongside of me. Take a moment to visit the survey linked to below, then share this post and invite your friends to be champions too!

I pledge to:

Believe I can make a difference

Believe that ALL kids belong in our communities

Respond with curiosity instead of judgement when I see a child or youth behaving in unexpected ways in my community

Remember to look for and celebrate strengths instead of only focusing on challenges

I promise to consider:

Learning more about the barriers and difficulties families face in my community

Learning about the different resources and services available to children, youth and families in my community, and share these with those who need them

Encouraging and advocating to municipal, provincial and federal government leaders to provide children, youth and families with the services and supports they need to thrive

Getting involved in conversations in my community about children, youth and families and respectfully challenge misconceptions and judgments.

That’s it! This is all you need to do to #BeAChampion. Will you join me? Together, our voices will be stronger and louder!

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