Welcome to Champions for Community Mental Wellness!  Champions is about creating awareness and understanding of how mental health challenges impact children, youth and families in our communities.

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I Am ‘that’ Parent


Featured Post: Do You Know Her?

Featured Post: Do You Know Her?


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  1. […] Karen Copeland lives in Abbotsford BC. She has two children and has extensive experience navigating School, Health and Ministry mental health (children and youth) systems to obtain the services her family needs and deserves. Karen shares her experiences with others to create a broader understanding and awareness of the challenges families face when their child has a mental health challenge. She loves creating opportunities for families and professionals to come together to learn from one another, and believes in the importance of honouring the champions who come into our lives to support us on our journey. Karen is passionate about the amazing things that can happen when youth and families are fully included and valued in all aspects of service systems. She writes at her blog, Champions for Community Mental Wellness. […]


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