Ignite Abbotsford 2016 Speakers

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Heidi Gable

Heidi Hass Gable is mom to three and on a mission to explore how we can best support our kids who experience anxiety. Heidi’s Ignite is titled: A Different Look at Anxiety.

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Brian GrossBrian Gross is a non-profit social service executive director, community developer and counsellor who manages British Columbia programs in public health, primary care, substance use services, and youth health promotion and prevention – with a health equity, allyship and anti-oppression lens. He is also a critically-acclaimed performer, playwright, author and composer. Brian’s Ignite talk is titled “The Shifting Sands of Truth and Efficacy”.

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carla-webbCarla Webb is a former thirteen year member of the Vancouver City Police and life-long horsewoman. She is the founder of Empowered by Horses, Unbridled Potential and Standing Six. Using equine knowledge, Carla and her herd of horses empower youth, adults and First Responders in restoring and maintaining health and wellness. Carla’s Ignite talk is titled: The 1000LB Therapist.

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Rebecca Marshall didn’t always plan on trusting herself at first. She was just a person with a desire to raise the quality of her life through movement, stillness and empowerment. Rebecca is the owner of Haven Yoga and Wellness and most days she is just looking to turn the volume down in her head. Rebecca’s talk is titled “Is it really pain? Or am I just making you uncomfortable?”

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Leanna Maksymiuk is a wife and mother of two girls. Her younger daughter just happens to have Down syndrome. She is passionate about making sure they both grow up being proud of who they are and wants your kids to feel the same way! When she isn’t doing “mom” things she can be found cycling around the Fraser Valley. Leanna’s ignite is titled “Cycling for My Sanity”

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Dr. Jim Christopher is the Head of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School and Maplewood Alternative High School in North Vancouver. A parent, author and long-time teacher, and educational administrator across Canada, he has been actively involved in the drive to differentiate learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners. Jim’s ignite is titled “Grit is for sandpaper, not kids”


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Chris Wejr is a father of twin daughters and the principal of James Hill Elementary in Langley. An educator who has taught grades 1-12, he strongly believes that we bring out the best in people by focusing on their strengths and lives this practice as a father, principal, and teacher. Chris’s ignite is titled “Inclusion through Strengths”

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Karen CopelandKaren Copeland is a passionate advocate for changing the conversation about children, youth and families in our community. She believes amazing things can happen when we share our stories and celebrate each other. Her favorite quote is “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I’ve ended up right where I needed to be”.

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