Connecting Community (1)

Champions for Community Mental Wellness Facebook Page

Stay up to date with Champions blog posts and other interesting articles relevant to child, youth and family mental health and wellness.

Champions For Mental Health Discussion Group

discussion pageSome of the best support and learning comes from connecting with other caregivers who understand the challenges of raising a child or youth who experiences mental health challenges. Recognizing that not everyone has the opportunity to attend a face to face support group, Champions has an online, closed Facebook group where caregivers can connect and provide support to one another. Click the image to request to join the group.

Abbotsford Child and Youth Committee


Planning Committee Member – Collaborating for a Family Friendly Abbotsford Forum

  • Provided family perspective to the forum planning team – how to invite and include parents and youth in the forum;
  • Assisted with the promotion of the forum via social media channels

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Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative

Parent Representative, Local Action Team [Abbotsford]

  • Share my experiences and knowledge as a parent who has had to navigate services and systems to get the care our child and family needs and deserves
  • Share my ideas for community projects and supports that would benefit children, youth and families who experience mental health challenges in Abbotsford

Abbotsford Special Needs Advisory Committee


  • Sit as an active member of the committee
  • Planning committee member and moderator: Bridging the Gap: Transitioning from Child Services to Adult Services
  • Assist with social media channels and website development





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