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Author: Karen Copeland Fair warning: I'm not sure what the intent of this post is, other than a bit of rambling about where I am at right now and some of the ways I am trying to move forward. Thanks for reading. There are times when I feel like I just think too much. I… Continue reading Contemplation

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“Tough Nut to Crack”

Author: Karen Copeland   Idiom: Tough nut to crack ( If something is a tough nut to crack, it is difficult to find the answer or solution. When used about a person, it means that it is difficult to get them to do or allow what you want. 'Hard nut to crack' is an alternative.… Continue reading “Tough Nut to Crack”

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Embracing the Unexpected

Author: Karen Copeland There are times when we have an idea that, on the surface, seems like it will be a good fit. The expectations seem reasonable and attainable, we may even have experienced success in the past. We know to anticipate a few ups and downs but for the most part, feel confident that the day… Continue reading Embracing the Unexpected

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I Am “that” Parent

This post is inspired by a recent post that has gone viral titled "Dear Parent: About THAT Kid" by an educator in Calgary, Alberta. It is a powerful post and I encourage you to read it. While I was reading the post, I thought about how easy it is to assume instead of be curious.… Continue reading I Am “that” Parent