#Blog4MH 2017 – Meet Our Bloggers!

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#Blog4MH is a mental health blogging challenge taking place through the month of May 2017. Bloggers who have signed up have made a commitment to writing one or more posts per week, as well as reading, sharing and commenting on other posts that have been submitted. We’d love for you to meet the bloggers who have signed up already. Show them some love and give them a follow on their website and social media channels!

The 2017 #Blog4MH Challenge has concluded. Our gratitude to all the bloggers who participated and shared their stories to increase understanding of mental health and wellness! Please take some time to read and share the posts submitted.




jasmine rakhra, co-host

Website: Jasmine Rakhra
Twitter: Jasmine Rakhra
Instagram: Jasmine Rakhra

karen copeland, co-host

Website: https://championsforcommunitywellness.com
Twitter: Karen Copeland
Facebook: Champions for Community Mental Wellness
Instagram: Champions for Wellness


Website: https://connectivitycounselling.com/
Twitter: @CounselorTed
Facebook: Connectivity Counselling

claire leong

Website: dinoclaire.wordpress.com
Twitter: Claire Leong

rudy caseres

Facebook: Rudy Caseres
Instagram: @RudyCaseres

maria rojas

Website: http://writingannabelle.blogspot.com
Twitter: lilheart12
Facebook: Maria Rojas – Anna Jones
Instagram: Maria Rojas

Kristin jorgensen

Website: Add Norwegian Lifestyle
Twitter: Kristin Jorgensen
Facebook: Add Norwegian Lifestyle
Instagram: GothicVamperstien


Website: https://mywhirlwindmind.com/
Twitter: My Whirlwind Mind
Facebook: My Whirlwind Mind

danielle moffat

Website: Thoughts On Life
Twitter: Danielle

raquel lyons

Website: Recovery To Wellness
Twitter: Recovery Raquel
Youtube: RecoverytoWellness

Geniene Delahunty

Website: http://Wellchat.blogspot.com
Twitter: Dr. Geniene Delahunty

jim christopher

Website: Learning to Learn Differently
Twitter: Jim Christopher

ian landy

Website: https://technolandy.wordpress.com/
Twitter: Ian Landy

jenn cusick

Website: Luminate Wellness
Facebook: Luminate Wellness
Instagram: Jenn Cusick

robyn Thomas

Website: Miss Flight Risk


Website: https://sunshinesonanathemas.wordpress.com/

alannah clark

Website: https://alannahclarkmusic.wordpress.com/
Facebook: Alannah Clark Music

Shantelle Lopez

Website: shantellelopez.blogspot.ca
Instagram: coolpisces

Katie Pater

Website: Young and Sage

Michael Buist

Website: The Buist Babble
Twitter: Michael Buist
Medium: The Buist Babble


Website: Guest Posting on JasmineRakhra.com

jessica wright

Website: Our Trip to the Moon

gayle ayres

Website: Out of A Great Need

Chato Stewart

Website: https://blogs.psychcentral.com/humor/
Twitter: Chatobstewart
Facebook: Mental Health Humor

Laura Tietz

Website: RibbonRX
Twitter: RibbonRX
Facebook: RibbonRX
Instagram: _ribbonrx_

hetti Ross

Website: The Triumphant Weed
Twitter: Hetti Ross

Alison Cervoj

Website: The Nut Factory
Facebook: The Nut Factory Australia

Elise Patricelli

Website: Creating Space
Instagram: Elise Micahla

Thank you to all our bloggers who have signed up for the 2017 Challenge!


  1. […] There are many high-profile people such as @heylandsford (TSNs Michael Landsberg) and @mauroranallo (sport commentator Mauro Ranallo) sharing their own struggles with mental wellness. This is never “easy”, but the way both of these sports commentators have shared their stories of their struggles help everyone understand that it’s not “just them” and while there is help, there is no quick fix….just another day after this one. Yet all of this helps build better empathy, understanding and awareness of why support is needed. So, find out more via https://championsforcommunitywellness.com/2017/04/28/meet-our-bloggers/ […]


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