The IMPACT Project: Karen Copeland – A “Perfectly Imperfect” Mom

It was an honour to write this post for my friend, Ameera Ladak. Pop over to her blog and take a read, and then also explore the other posts for The IMPACT Project.

Surviving By Living

Karen Copeland was one of my first blogging buddies. As the founder of Champions for Community Wellness and mother of two, she knows a ton about navigating the child and youth mental health system. I’ll never forget the valuable insight she gave me about what it means to be a parent, and opened my eyes to how my mental illness was actually impacting my entire family. After a long day at a training session, we sat in the hotel lobby with a drink in hand and shared our experience with mental health through very different lenses and learned from one another’s battle with a broken system. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your knowledge for being such a passionate advocate, and of course, for being a Champion of Community Wellness.

Ameera and I had the opportunity to meet at a training session in Vancouver two years ago. It doesn’t seem that…

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