Mental Health Blog Challenge 2017

#Blog4MH is a mental health and wellness blogging challenge, hosted periodically through the year. Anyone who is interested in sharing their thoughts and perspectives on mental health and wellness are invited to join in the challenge.

The 2017 challenge is being co-hosted by Karen Copeland from Champions for Community Mental Wellness and Jasmine Rakhra, a Youth Mental Health Advocate and Public Speaker. The challenge will run through the month of May, and we are looking forward to sharing and reading the posts!

Click here to sign up to participate!

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email that provides details on how to share out your posts and follow others who are participating.

Click here to join the #Blog4MH Facebook group


  1. Nice! I was totes looking for some type of mental health blogging activity/challenge yesterday but couldn’t find any (which I knew was a lie!) Glad I found this one, I shall happily take part! *bows* 🙂


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