Author: Karen Copeland

imageFriends, it’s been some difficult times around my house lately so my apologies for being “quiet” on the blog. As I shared in my post Don’t Forget to Make Time for YOU, my husband started his contract almost a month early this year. This means that for the last while I have been trying desperately to get used to solo parenting. Even though this has been our way of life for years, I still get exhausted by the sudden change in routine and increase in household expectations and responsibilities. I am by no means SUPERMOM. This being said, I finally feel somewhat upright again.

To add to the chaos I have been involved in some projects that are challenging me; challenging my vision of what I would love for our world to look like. This is not really a surprise to me. Change is hard, messy and uncomfortable; it’s just that when you are already exhausted, let’s just say the patience level isn’t quite as high as it usually is.

Emotions run strong and deep, and when our cups aren’t full it is very easy for those emotions to spill over — out from under the veil of politeness and decorum and into existence. Demanding attention.

buzzBuzzBUZZ buzzBuzzBUZZ buzzBuzzBUZZ

resized_i-should-buy-a-boat-cat-meme-generator-i-should-buy-a-fly-swatter-b78a3cThere are times when I feel like I must be this annoying little fly that is disturbing everyone. Flitting about, nattering away in their ear. They swat at me, but I don’t go away. I show up at the most inopportune times. Being a pain. Impossible to silence.

buzzBuzzBUZZ buzzBuzzBUZZ buzzBuzzBUZZ


I just want to be heard.


I want people to realize and recognize that one doesn’t have to be entrenched in a system to do great things. I want my value to be seen. For people to understand that if we are going to create change we have to hear from and believe in everyone.


maybe I haven’t done a very good job lately of believing in others. Maybe I have allowed my emotions to get the better of me and cloud my rational thought.


making a commitment to reflect and ponder and think about ways that I can set aside my frustration and come alongside. To figure out a way to share my concerns that will push the conversation forward instead of halting it.


choosing to not go away.









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