Sharing the News Tip Sheet

Author: Karen Copeland

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Sue Robins to create a tip sheet for professionals who are involved with disclosing a diagnosis or sharing unexpected news  with people and their families. This is a hugely important topic, because the way information is shared can heavily influence the path and emotions of the person(s) receiving it.

Read Sue’s blog post introducing the Tip Sheet

While the tip sheet has a specific audience in mind, I truly believe that we ALL can take the messages contained in it to heart. You could argue that these tips might be helpful for many of our day to day interactions with each other.

Click here to download pdf version



The tip sheet is shareable and available for free download; however, as with all the Champions tip sheets, no alterations or modifications are permitted.

Click here to see all the Champions Top 5 Tips infographics


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