#MentalHealth in Schools Panel

Author: Karen Copeland

This past weekend, I wrote a post reflecting on the Youth Depression and Self Harm panel our community hosted recently. In it I wrote:

I look forward to creating more opportunities for our community to listen to understand. 

Our Capacity Building Working Group is excited to announce that our proposal for a Panel Presentation on Understanding Mental Health in Schools has been accepted for the Abbotsford School District Shared Learning Conference on February 19th! This is a chance for educators to hear from youth, parents and a service provider on what helps when it comes to supporting youth and families in our schools.

To prepare for this session, we are inviting educators and community members to submit questions to be asked of our panel. CY-WtlSUkAAquuXPlease provide a question in the comments section, or click on the graphic above to be taken to a google form where you can enter your question.

We hope to see many educators attending our session on February 19th!

For more information about the Abbotsford School District Shared Learning Conference, please visit: http://sharedlearningconference.com/


This event is an initiative of the Abbotsford Local Action Team of the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative. Funding for this initiative was provided for by the Shared Care Committee (SCC), a joint collaborative committee of the Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health. 

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