We Need to Know We Matter

Author: Karen Copeland

My Christmas gift to myself (yes I do this!) this year was a ticket to TEDxLangleyED 2016. I had been all set to go last year when a massive cold set upon me and kept me home. This year, I was determined not to miss out – the line up was amazing – Chris Wejr, Shelley Moore, Hugh McDonaldAlexander Magnussen and more. I knew it would be an awesome day of learning for me.

What came through so clearly in all of the speaks that day was one simple statement. We all want to know we matter. All of us. Especially when we are struggling. We need someone to come along and know us, to believe in us; even when we do not.

Sometimes that means stepping outside of our comfort zones and our preconceived notions of what is possible. Shelley Moore

Sometimes it means stepping back and allowing our kids to simply love what they are doing. And celebrate this with them! Hugh McDonald

Sometimes it means being a detective and discovering children’s strengths, and encouraging these by then having them teach you. Chris Wejr

Sometimes it means accepting that we are not all the same, that our differences are often easily misunderstood but instead they should be celebrated and embraced. Alexander Magnussen

Sometimes it means creating the conditions within our classrooms for our kids to thrive; allowing the freedom to move, the freedom to explore and connect in ways we wouldn’t ever have thought possible. Holly Clark

Sometimes it means simply having a conversation and sharing our stories. Our stories that have shaped us and made us into who we are today.

We need to know we matter. All of us. Now, how will we make this happen?

I matter (1)

Thank you to the TEDxLangleyEd organizing team for a great event, and to the Langley School District for hosting this amazing day of learning. I will be back next year.


  1. Karen, I love the way you captured the highlights so concisely. it was an even more powerful day than we had hoped for. The hours of meetings and preparation are all worth it when we hear about what people take away. Thanks for sharing these positive messages. See you there next time.

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    • Thank you Carol. I am just in awe of the work the staff and administration of the Langley School District is doing and supporting in the community, and I absolutely LOVE how they invite everyone in to enjoy the learning. I’m so glad I was able to attend this year!


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