#OneWord 2016

Author: Karen Copeland

I was first introduced to the idea of “one word” at this time last year. My twitter feed was filled with tweets from educators who were sharing what word they were aspiring to live by for the upcoming year. While I didn’t participate by sharing my #oneword on twitter or anywhere else but in my head really, the word I decided to live by for 2015 was “intentional“.

I wanted to be focused, purposeful and conscious of how my thoughts and actions influenced not only others, but myself. I needed to be intentional about giving myself permission to do things differently than others might, to calm my panicked thoughts of doubt that would invade my mind and instead trust in my knowledge and decisions. I was intentional about making positive connections and developing stronger relationships with those around me, discovering new and strengthening existing thoughts and ideas as a result. I was purposeful about working through some very uncomfortable feelings instead of giving in to fear and avoidance. It was definitely a year of growth for me, and because of this, also for my family.

When considering what my #oneword for 2016 would be, there was one particular word that kept entering my mind repeatedly, so much so that it simply cannot be ignored and must be acted on. That word is … Integrity.

Integrity quote

While I have lived my life by this word for the most part, I am ready to give it a starring role in 2016. Being consciously aware of how my integrity influences and guides my life and the decisions I make.

For me, integrity is about further understanding my own values and morals, and how these fit within all the things that I do. And sometimes that will mean letting go of a few things that I thought were okay, but have come to discover are not. Sometimes it will mean some very hard reflection on previously held thoughts, owning and learning from my missteps, and making things right. Perhaps it will result in the discovery of a new path, a more solidified conviction of ideals…I am excited about this. Very excited.

What about you, my #champions readers? Do you have one word that stands out for you for this upcoming year?





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