The Race

I wrote this post back in 2013, long before I had even thought of starting my own blog. My sister, Cheryl Talma graciously hosted it on her blog Gin & Tonic for the Mother’s Soul. I was reminded of this post today after reading In the End, No One Really Cares by Sarah Garr.

Author: Karen Copeland

Photo Source: Flickr: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann
Photo Source: Flickr: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

I was talking with my son today about how his brain works. I used the analogy of runners, running a race around the track. Sometimes there is one runner who sprints ahead and finishes faster than everyone else. Then there are a great many who run and finish around the same time.  There is always a runner who takes a bit (or sometimes much) longer than everyone else. But that runner still finishes the race! I explained that this runner is how my son’s brain works. It takes a bit (or sometimes much) longer than others, but it does eventually complete the race.

Sometimes though, sometimes just because the runner is even in the race, other people will think the runner is faster than he really is! And they will get impatient, anxious, frustrated. Why isn’t the runner running faster? And then there is almost an anger that happens? Why didn’t he run faster? What a disappointment! There is no celebration when he finally finishes the race. Only negative thoughts, feelings.

But this should not be the runner’s concern. Pleasing all the others who think he should be going faster is not what he needs to be focusing on. He needs to be focusing on finishing the race. In his own time. In his own way. And it might look different from what everyone else expects. And that is okay! Shouldn’t we be celebrating when he finishes the race?

I know my son will complete the race, he will get there in his own time and in his own way. And I celebrate that. You can bet I will be cheering him on the whole way.

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