Concerned About Your Child?

Author: Karen Copeland

Maybe you’ve started noticing a change in behavior in your child. He’s not sleeping as well; she doesn’t want to go to school; he doesn’t want to leave your side. Or maybe it’s something else that just doesn’t sit right with you.

I remember those early days well, and constantly asking myself “What should I do??”

If you are the parent of a child that is struggling (or you know one!), I want you to know you are not alone. I want you to know the Top 5 things you can do when you are first trying to understand what might be going on for your child.

There are many resources out there to guide you as you begin exploring this path. Here is a quick snapshot of where to start.

For links to more online resources, please visit the Champions Mental Health Resources page.


To download the pdf version of this tip sheet, please go to the Champions Top 5 Tips page.

Please respect the work I have put into creating the infographic on this page. Sharing is encouraged however, absolutely NO alterations are permitted. Where possible, please link back to this website. If you are interested in tailoring the content on the infographic to resources specific to your organization or area, please connect with me via email:

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