Writer’s Block

I have had a very hard time with writing lately – it is not that I don’t have ideas and thoughts to share – oh I have many, many of those – it is that I simply can’t put these into words that:

  • flow nicely and make sense
  • don’t sound cranky or moany or worse yet, ANGRY
  • are respectful

I can pinpoint when it started, there was an event that occurred that shook my confidence. I’m not going to get into it other than to say that I am on my way back, and no doubt about it, I will be that much stronger, and my voice will be much louder.


Champions is not only about my voice or my story. Champions is about amplifying your voices in your communities. Over the coming months, I welcome guest submissions that share your stories of the champions in your lives. What is it that your champions have done that have made the biggest difference in your life? Your family’s life? If your submission is chosen, links will be included back to your own blog (if you have one) as well as your social media channels. Please send your submissions to me via email: championsforwellness@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you!



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