Re blogging this post for #Blog4MH

Mommy Musings: Pain into Purpose

I’m pleased to have been asked to participate in my friend Karen’s Mental Health blogging challenge.  Her fantastic blog is called Champions for Community Mental Wellness.  As a Mom to a beautiful boy who copes each day with multiple mental health challenges I have to also cope each day 🙂   I’ve been using my blog as a way to hopefully inspire and even entertain other parents also dealing with similar issues, as I believe humour can be an excellent coping mechanism.  This post is more on a ‘serious’ topic, but it’s one of my favorites and I thought others may enjoy reading it as well.  Pleased to be involved in the challenge and am looking forward to reading other bloggers posts.   Here is “Hummingbird” for  #Blog4MH

Recently I read a fantastic article written by a Mom whose child has A.D.H.D. who compared the experience of hugging her child to…

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