Finding Myself Through The Darkness: How I Went From Existing to Being Alive

In this powerful post, Jasmine writes about how her champions helped her discover who she was meant to be. Thank you so much for your courage in sharing, Jasmine. ~Karen

Endless Possibilities

There are many days I can recall sitting cross-legged in a corner of room, looking at my green basket of toys in front of me. Although, every part of me wanted to reach out and play with those toys, I remained absolutely still, afraid of the sound of my own movement. I could feel myself breathing rapidly, but I couldn’t tell if I was alive. I lived in a fantasy land inside my head that didn’t correspond with my reality or in fact exist.

Igrew up in household where I was abused, neglected, and alone. 

This vivid memory was considered to be my calm after the storm. After all the loud voices, hurtful words, and sensations of pain along my skin. I would resort to my room in that corner. There was some sort of safety attached to that corner of my tiny room and the green basket…

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