the silos

Yes – this IS what it is like to for families. Thank you for writing Sue!

sue robins


There is a lot of talk about The Silos in our world of kids with disabilities.  The first few weeks after we moved to British Columbia, we were in a rosy state of honeymoon.  We had found Aaron a school that accepted and believed in him, and all was well.

Then reality started creeping in.  In Alberta, I had childcare, respite, a pediatrician, a pediatric dentist, an audiologist, a psychologist, an optometrist, a behaviour coach, Special Olympics, other adapted recreation programs and a social communications program all set up for our boy.

In this new province, I am starting from scratch.  It feels like when Aaron was first diagnosed, but this time (thankfully), I’m not in the midst of thick grief and juggling a newborn baby and his young siblings while I’m filling out forms and running around to appointments.  I’m 12 years wiser, but still incredibly frustrated because I know…

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