Thank you Kerri, for another beautiful post.

Mommy Musings: Pain into Purpose

Recently I read a fantastic article written by a Mom whose child has A.D.H.D. who compared the experience of hugging her child to hugging a butterfly.  Sound strange?  To me it made perfect sense.  For many years I have likened my beautiful, intelligent, strong, but also incredibly delicate child to a hummingbird.  It is a pet name of sorts, a term of endearment, a descriptor which captures him perfectly.  It all began when he was about 3 years old and my extremely patient, wonderful partner pointed out to me my son never actually sits down to eat a meal.  Strangely enough, I didn’t seem to notice it until EXACTLY the moment he pointed it out to me.  In retrospect I consciously had already observed it, just hadn’t actually processed it until that exact second.  We were enjoying a summer dinner outside and watching a little boy eat in a unique…

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