Lego House

Kerri has captured the complexities of trying to advocate for your child within the education system perfectly. Please do go read this post!

Mommy Musings: Pain into Purpose

Hello readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and have now settled into a new ‘groove’ for the new year.  Maybe it’s still an after effect of having to help my little guy put together several new Lego toys..I just have them on my mind lately.  For some reason, I started visualizing my son’s educational program as a type of Lego House and have to admit the structure is crumbling.

In my experience, the ideal of having open/honest communication between parents and schools has unfortunately been just that:  an idealistic concept, not a reality. The foundation is definitely there, but the “house” is crumbling day by day since no one wants to take the time to really work FOR us: to really get their hands dirty, pick up a hammer and build my son the type of I.E.P. that would actually work for him. We have wasted…

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