Thursday’s Child

I love this post by my friend Kerri Reid – her wishes for herself and for her son.

Mommy Musings: Pain into Purpose

Ok, so when I started this new adventure I promised to to keep things on the ‘lighter side’.  Tonight I need to write from the heart and express my wishes for my beautifully complicated Thursday’s Child.  He may have ‘far to go’ as per the old rhyme, but I will keep fighting to change the world, allowing him to reach for the stars now and always.   If I could write a  ‘help list’ it would read:

Help the world understand he is a little human being, longing for acceptance and the chance to be a kid. He should never and WILL never be defined by a list of several  complex conditions.

Help me calm his nights, give me strength to endure hearing the nightly struggle with fears even more complex than one can comprehend.

Help guide me to the right team of experts who can finally interpret and treat the…

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