I have to say, I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed right now. Thank you to everyone who has liked and shared my post “I Am “that” Parent“. It is resonating in ways that I never would have imagined.

I wrote the post not only for my own family, but for all those families in this world who speak up and do whatever it takes for their child and often get judged for doing so. There are so many of us out there. Keep this knowledge in your heart the next time you feel overwhelmed and unsure. Be proud you are “that” parent.

Believe in yourself


I am so honored that my words have inspired and impacted so many people. I will continue to write and speak out and share our story, to create the space for all families to be heard when they are ready to share their own.

Much love and courage to all of “those” parents, and also to our supporters, those people who encourage us and believe in us every day. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.



  1. Karen,when I read your article “I am “that” parent” it brought tears to my eyes because it was like I was writing it.My son is 16 now and he is struggling in school and I feel like no one really gets it.I also think he has been pushed through and it has finally caught up with him and us.We have not had the real support he has needed,he has not been “identified” but he does have an IEP .I could go on and on but I was wondering if you have any advice as far as advocacy for someone his age.


  2. The voice you have found is the voice deep inside many of us who share similar experiences. I believe once we get to acceptance then we are able to release that voice for others to hear. Thanks for sharing your voice with all of us. You have spoken the words for many who still may be struggling.


  3. Wow. I just started a blog 6 days ago and I’m looking for inspiration. Wow. Your ‘I Am THAT Parent’ blew me away. So true…you nailed it. Thank you for inspiring me to write more, learn more, and share more.


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